The Convenience of Mobile Storage

Mobile Storage in San Diego
Coronado Mobile Storage has been at the forefront of providing mobile storage in San Diego since 1996. That means thousands of satisfied customers have enjoyed the ease and convenience of using mobile storage to make their moving / storage needs less stressful.

The benefits are real and immediate

You’ll save time

CMS will deliver a storage container to any location you desire, and you’ll have as many days as you want to load your belongings, meaning you can work to your schedule instead of being held back by the access and distance limitations of an offsite storage facility.

You’ll save money

You never have to worry about the expense of renting a truck and working yourself to the bone because you feel you need to load your storage unit in a single day. Plus, as you shift items in and out of a mobile storage unit, you’ll only be charged for the space you use, not like traditional rental units, where you’re charged for the space you rent. In addition, CMS offers a guarantee that you’ll never be surprised by hidden fees of any kind.

You’ll enjoy greater convenience

With the convenience of taking as many days needed and how your commute is measured in feet instead of miles, you’ll have much more time to deal with all the other items on your moving checklist.

Moving is stressful enough without worrying how and where your valued possessions will end up and how secure they’ll be. CMS provides peace of mind with a mobile storage option that makes sense for every moving situation. For further information or for a quote please visit or contact CMS at 619.423.8645 with any questions.

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