Three Reasons to Spring Clean This Year!

Three Reasons to Spring Clean
Spring is on the horizon! Fling open the windows, let in the fresh air, and clean out the house. Spring cleaning can have a number of purposes and methods, but almost all of those require some extra storage space.

  1. Deep clean your floors. Pet owners and toddler parents know that floors can get filthy, fast. You can either hire a professional to deep clean your carpets or DIY. Either way requires for the furniture to be moved out of the way completely. Hence, the best way to fully clean your carpets is to temporarily store your furniture and other item in a portable storage unit in San Diego. This is the best way to not only keep your belongings safe but accessible on your property.
  2. Change of seasons. Storage space in your home is at a premium. Every six months or so you have to change out your wardrobe and your kids’. You store the clothes that may fit again, and still have to do something with the ones that won’t. Especially the seasonal decor, like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas that are stored out of the way for the one month of the year that you use them, can all be packed away with those seasonal clothes. Portable storage in San Diego allows you to store things away and free up the space in your home until you need them months down the road.
  3. Garage Sale It! The matching bedroom suite from a great-aunt’s house. The clubs you used for your college golf class. Books. Boxes of VHS tapes you’ve already converted to digital format. Baby gear. If you’re working to “KonMari” your house but want to earn some extra cash at the same time, a garage sale can be helpful. But if you don’t have a garage, where are you going to store the stuff while you clean out? A portable unit from Coronado Mobile Storage in San Diego can be the solution you need!

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