Three Unique Ways to Use Your Mobile Storage Container

Whether you need items stored for a short or long-term period, Coronado Mobile Storage is the best choice for storage in San Diego. There are many uses for storage containers that may not immediately occur to customers. Here’s just three unique ways that you can use your mobile storage unit.

    1. Temporary Offices or Emergency Living Quarters.

      Natural disasters and extreme weather are never cohesive with your business plans, and sometimes leave offices or homes inhabitable for certain periods of time. Luckily mobile storage units can be converted into temporary offices or homes so that life can keep on moving when dealing with not so ideal conditions. The “Desert Sands” edition container, for instance, comes equipped with an office door, six windows, and a turbine vent. It’s the perfect replacement while you sort out any issues caused by weather.

    2. Storage for Excess.

      Garages, attics, basements, and office closets tend to accumulate lots of stuff as the years wear on. Amid the clutter it’s hard to sort through the items worth saving, but a mobile storage container is a great way to help you organize your belongings. Whether you are organizing between what to sell or salvage for a garage sale, or working on a home remodeling project, these containers are great options when dealing with excess.

    3. Business Branding Opportunities.

      Our fireproof storage containers can be purchased and be used for any purpose i.e. as an advertising tool to bring extra attention to your company/brand in a unique and creative way for potential new customers. They can be docked either in front of your company or in an area accessible to a lot of traffic – options are endless.

These are just a few unique ideas of how to utilize a mobile storage in San Diego for your home or business. Use this list as an inspiration for any of the countless ways that a storage unit would be perfect for you! For further information or for a quote please contact us at 619-423-8645 or visit

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