Three Ways to Use Mobile Storage When You Move

Ways to Use Mobile Storage
Moving can be one of the most stressful times of your life. Fortunately, Coronado Mobile Storage in San Diego can help!

  1. Early Closing! Your house sold quicker than you expected. You’ve found a long term stay hotel to accommodate your family for a few weeks, but what are you going to do with all your things? Our fireproof mobile storage units, will be delivered to your home, with the convenience of not having a time limit, from which all belongings can be stored at your leisure. When ready, we will pick up the unit and store it at our secure facility until you need it again!
  2. 30 Days Notice! To get a jump on moving day and keep your sanity, pack a few boxes every day. Start with out of season clothes, books, and the kitchen items you don’t use frequently. You could try to set a staging area, but who really has that kind of extra space? Order a mobile storage container for your move. You can get that jump start and keep loading up to the day of your move. We’ll pick up the container and either continue storing it or deliver it to your new address in the San Diego area!
  3. Mom & Dad’s Home: Having to sell your parents’ house is heart wrenching in any scenario. The furniture, antiques, memorabilia; everywhere you look are signs of your childhood. But where you see your history, potential buyers see clutter. Clutter makes a house look and feel small. Let Coronado Mobile Storage in San Diego help. We’ll deliver a portable unit, so you can pack all of the odds and ends of your parents’ life. Stage the house to sell it, then take your time filtering through what you’ve stored whenever you’re ready.

Whether you’re selling your home, a family member’s house, moving from an apartment or to a new city, your life is upside down for a couple of months. Mobile storage is one way to help you move without the headache! For further information or for a no obligation quote please contact CMS at 619.423.8645 or visit

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