Using Storage in San Diego for Your Seasonal Decorations


As summer draws to a close, the holiday seasons are quickly approaching. For many, this means the excitement of decorating and the much-dreaded task of finding proper storage all of your decorations as each holiday comes and goes.

However, storing your décor doesn’t have to be difficult! Instead, you can follow the simple tips to make sure that your home remains clutter-free while you and your family enjoy the decorations that you put up together.


  1. Label Boxes Appropriately – By using storage in San Diego for your holiday decorations you can save a lot of space in your home. But make sure that the boxes are labeled appropriately, so you can find all of your decorations by holiday and/or theme which only simplifies the decorative process all together.
  2. Group Decorations Together – There’s nothing more frustrating than going to unpack a box you think is full of Christmas décor and finding Halloween decorations instead. When it comes time to packing your unit for storage, make sure you group seasonal decorations together to not make packing and unpacking boxes a chore.

At Coronado Mobile Storage, we believe in providing homeowners just like you with secure, convenient solutions for your storage needs. Our storage units are made of steel, fire proof and super roomy for any type of need or purpose. And when you want to ensure that your holiday décor or any items stays safe and organized please visit or contact us at 619.423.8645for additional information or quote.

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