What does Mobile Storage mean to you?

The term portable storage may conjure up images of storage that is always on the move; maybe unsettled or never really secure. We understand that there may be confusion, to be honest, such thinking couldn’t be further from the truth. To clear things up, we want to accurately describe how portable storage in San Diego works for you and your family.

  • We drop off – While packing is difficult, finding a storage unit, renting a truck, and driving to and from facility to home probably causes the biggest headache. Thus, our storage units for rent come to you – they are portable. You call when you’re ready and set an appointment. We then show up – with mobile storage unit in tow.
  • You fill up – At your convenience – and on your schedule – you fill your container. No rush, no hassle. You take inventory, arrange, organize, and pack at your own schedule. It’s all part of the mobile storage convenience.
  • We pick up – Ready for pick up? Just like you did when you first scheduled us to arrive, give us another ring and we will arrive at your scheduled appointment. This time, we’ll be taking your newly-packed belongings away, over to our gated, secure, temperature-controlled storage facility.
  • We store – Your belongings are then housed for safekeeping, under the watchful eye of our protected storage facility. While we keep unauthorized visitors away, our doors are open for you to come and go as you please should you need to access your unit.

At the end of the day, mobile means convenience – and it certainly doesn’t mean unsettled or unsecure. With Coronado Mobile Storage , it’s the opposite, with flexible solutions and security you would expect from the trusted portable storage facility in San Diego .

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