Why Choose CMS?

storage units san diego
At Coronado Mobile Storage, we understand the complete array of customer needs when it comes to storage or moving goods. Our customer-based focus is tremendously apparent in our phenomenal growth from 2 storage units in 1996 to our current 500-plus storage containers and 13 trucks.

What Makes Our Storage Company The Best?

Our exceptional customer service comes from our superb storage product and process. When our clients need storage that’s convenient to their timeframe and needs, they call us and we deliver an all-steel 8’ x 20’ fireproof cargo container, relieving them of the burden time wasted during a conventional move. In fact, our customers can have the unit placed on ground level, eliminating the need to heft heavy furniture, tools, or bulky boxes into a high truck bed. Once the container is full, or customers are ready to send their goods to our secure storage facility in San Diego. We conveniently pick up the container for one easy drop off at our facility.

Why a Mobile Storage Container?

Mobile storage units, or cargo containers, provide a key ingredient that other storage companies do not and that is convenience. When using CMS, everything unfolds at your leisure with efficiency and trust. The strong, fireproof construction of our storage units in San Diego ensures safety and an added bonus of cost effectiveness which is more than may be said about conventional moving companies. None of our clients have reported loss of belongings due to fire or theft at our secure storage facility.

Guarantee of Excellence

From the inception of our company for storage in San Diego, the customer has come first, and we plan to keep it that way. We offer free quotes to all interested clients, as well as a list of competitor prices and services to show you that we truly are the best choice for you and your needs when it comes to all things moving and storage. For further information or for a quote please contact Coronado Mobile Storage at 619.423.8645 or visit www.CoronadoMobileStorage.com.

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