Conversion of Storage Units into Office Space Containers

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Storage container office conversion is all the rage! Whether you’re self-employed and work at home and need a little quiet space, or simply don’t have the room in your current home so you need the additional space to create a new office, storage containers can easily provide you with the office space you need.Custom Cabin Containers simply make really great office containers and Coronado Mobile Storage in San Diego offers the best custom-built containers, allowing you to create the perfect office space you’re looking for in not time at all.

Office Space

While a comfortable office place is super important, you also want it to be professional. Many people who need office space use an extra room if they have one, but often find it difficult to focus due to constant interruptions. An enclosed and safe office container simply offers the privacy and professional space one needs.

The expert team at Coronado Mobile Storage are currently offering basic office space conversion containers that are 20 feet long. If you want a custom-size office container, contact CMS with your specific measurements and we will get to work.

Office Design

Because office space containers are a large blank space it’s easy to customize and personalize it into the perfect office space. Having an organized office space is simply essential when it comes to being the most productive. Imagine having an office where everything is organized according to your vision. Now you just need to start focusing on some of the details, like choosing an overall theme (yes, offices have themes). Maybe chic, modern, classic, high-tech, green?

And what about the layout? Flow is important when it comes to maximizing your office space. Built-in desks and organizing vertically is a good idea as this will help save space.
What about lighting? Do you want inside lighting and/or outside lighting? How many windows would you like? How much shelving do you need? Color scheme? Furniture? Will you be conducting any business in your office? A small lounge area might be nice.

Feng shui for offices is shown to improve productivity!

Coronado Mobile Storage is the one-stop shop for all your storage needs whether temporary or permanent. To get started please contact at 619.423.8645 or for further information about our storage containers for sale please visit

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