Customized mobile storage units in San Diego

Coronado Mobile Storage provides some of the highest quality affordable storage in San Diego, in large part because of the many options we provide our customers. Not only do we bring our units to our clients – eliminating the need for them to ever leave their home or business – but we also offer the option to customize your portable storage units. While we are primarily known for our San Diego moving and storage services, we can customize a unit to serve as an office or even a home, if so desired.

Time and material pending, we can create for you the ultimate cabin container, which begins with our usual containers – which are 40’ containers for sale or rental. We can shorten the unit to 34’, as you will see in the example on our custom applications page, or we can leave it at the usual size. Air-conditioning, toilets, computer workstations, a shower, and more can all be installed within the unit.

A container can come with options such as windows in six count, an office door, painted interior and exterior walls, a turbine vent, and much more. You can add swinging doors, a 4’ roll-up door, or cargo doors. There are endless options when it comes to our custom containers.

We have 20’ storage containers for sale as well, if you don’t desire the full 40’ container. Many clients do modifications on their own, and we have many vendors we can refer you to who offer even more services than we do.

The best part about Coronado Mobile storage is that you can have all of this on an budget. Check out our custom applications page to see some of our examples and price ranges. Our company proudly offers self-storage in San Diego, but self-storage can mean many things. It can be where you store items, or it can be an office, or a custom container home, whichever option you prefer. Contact us to discuss your custom unit today.

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