How Storage Containers Help Sell Your Home

Storage Containers in San Diego
If you plan on selling your San Diego home in the spring or summer, consider how you’ll present the best product to prospective buyers. The process involves advanced cleaning, and plenty of de-cluttering to get the job done. According to real estate agents, you should also remove as many personal effects as possible. Here is how portable storage containers in San Diego will help you get the best price for your home.

Proper Home Staging

“Staging” a home for prospective buyers means allowing them to see themselves living there. To properly achieve that goal, real estate agents recommend removing personal items like family photos, specialized gifts and other individualized items. These objects can all go inside your storage container. Older pieces of furniture and items you do not want shoppers to see also go in the container. Anything you have doubts about may as well stay in your storage space during showings.

Thorough Home Cleaning

A deep cleaning of your home is essential when you put a property up for sale, and that takes preparation. Portable storage containers allow cleaners to do a very thorough job by removing furniture and other goods while they pore over each room. If you leave your belongings inside during a deep cleaning, the results tend to be less impressive. Any sign of weakness can impact the final sale price.

Organizing Your Move

Home sales are two-way streets: for every home left, there is another destination in your future. To prepare for that new life, you should organize your possessions beforehand. Portable storage containers allow you to sort through your goods and decide what will come with you and what should be left behind, from which you can leave your prized possessions inside the container and bring it with you on the move.
A properly cleaned and staged home fetches the best prices on the San Diego real estate market. When you are preparing to sell, Coronado Mobile Storage units can help you do it right. For further information about our mobile storage units or for a quote, please contact us at 619.423.8645 or visit

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