Moving Business Location? We have the Solution for a Seamless Transition!

Companies looking for a moving and storage in San Diego will usually find themselves contacting Coronado Mobile Storage. Whether you are upgrading or downgrading your office size, moving is never a small task, but our services can make the process easier.

The benefit of using mobile storage units, especially when it comes to moving a business, is that we bring the storage unit to you and leave it there while you load it over the necessary course of time needed. This is a great benefit to businesses, because it eliminates the need to take multiple trips to a storage unit over the course of several weeks. You can contact us once your storage unit is loaded up, and we will take it back for you.

This is why self-storage in San Diego and surrounding areas is such a convenient option for businesses. We have storage containers for sale or for rent if you only need the unit while moving. As soon as you are ready to access your storage unit again, you can either access it at our site, or we will bring it back to you.

Portable storage in San Diego is an enormously convenient option for businesses both small and large. Moreover, should you want to utilize the storage units as an office space, we can do customized units with windows, doors, air vents, lockboxes, and more to create a space where computer stations and offices can be set up. Sinks and showers can even be installed in the storage unit as well. There is no end to the reasons why our services at Coronado Mobile Storage are superior to any other storage facility. To get a free estimate and begin your moving and storage process, please visit or contact us at 619-423-8645.

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