Moving In with a Partner? In Need of Storage?

Congratulations! You and your loved one have decided to take your relationship to the next level and move in together! Often, when this happens, one or both parties find themselves with a lots of extra stuff that they cannot fit into their new home. That is why using a mobile storage unit can really come in handy. Luckily for you, storage units in San Diego have never been more affordable and convenient than they are at Coronado Mobile Storage.

Perhaps you are not ready to part with that old orange corduroy pullout couch that you have lovingly napped on since college, but your significant other won’t allow it to be the centerpiece of your new living room. Our 40 foot mobile storage unit provides a safe and affordable way to hang on to that sofa until you are ready to part with it. At Coronado Mobile Storage, we have 40’ containers for sale, or for short-term storage (if you envision that guesthouse coming sooner than later), we have storage rentals available.

Our mobile storage units are of the highest quality, and we often have customers who are vacating separate homes to join together in one new home. Moving in together is a big enough step without having to stress about saying goodbye to old things. And no one wants boxes of unpacked things sitting around their new home when they know the items in those boxes won’t be needed again for quite some time.

Coronado Mobile Storage is the source for moving and storage in San Diego. Make the day when you christen your new home with your significant other a worry free and joyful one and let us be a part of new beginnings! For more information or a quote please visit

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